Customising Navigation Bar or Header in an IOS app

Customising Navigation Bar or Header in an IOS app would involve following things Changing Background Colour Adding a logo Changing Text Colour You would need to add below code mostly to your Initial View Controller

Just add the lines as per your requirement and change the colour values as per your needs. barTintColor method […]

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A sample custom filter hook in wordpress

Wordpress hooks

This is just an example explaining how to create a custom filter hook in wordpress Let’s say you have a page or a plugin displaying posts/custom posts based on a certain criteria Now you wish to provide a hook to the end user to be able to modify how the posts get displayed. Here is […]

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Server load monitoring tools for your wordpress site

Server monitoring

Here are some basic tools which will allow you to monitor server load to keep your wordpress site optimised. Uptime (shell command)

Above command is an example of the uptime command. It says the server is up since 364 days, 2 users are logged in and the rest of the numbers are showing the server […]

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WordPress vulnerability – Bypass any password protected post

WordPress has just released a new update version 4.5.3 which is mainly a security release fixing a major security issue present in all the previous wordpress versions. It is strongly recommends to update your sites immediately to the latest version. This vulnerability allows an attacker to gain access to password protected posts in wordpress. This vulnerability is […]

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Hide or change name of Publish button for Custom Post Type

Hide or change publish button in wordpress

Lets assume you are creating a Custom Post Type for publishing events. You do not wish to show the publish button to your editors until all the event fields are properly filled and validated. This can be achieved using below code


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